92% of ISTQB certified software testers feel that certification helps to demonstrate professional competency. An equal percentage also feel that certification aids in gaining professional recognition.

The results come from a survey of 219 certified software testers by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB).

“ISTQB software tester certification is designed to demonstrate that a tester has the knowledge and skills needed for their everyday software testing challenges. This practical nature may be the reason testers feel that certification helps them demonstrate their professional competency,” said Patricia McQuaid, President of the non-profit U.S. board for ISTQB software tester certification, ASTQB.

“We’re pleased that ISTQB certified testers also find that certification helps them to gain professional recognition,” continued McQuaid. “We believe that stems directly from the credibility of ISTQB certification, as it was developed by more than 100 global software testing experts, is offered in 47 countries, and is the world’s most popular software tester certification.”

About ASTQB:
ASTQB is a non-profit organization whose Directors and Technical Advisory Board comprise a group of highly experienced experts in software testing who volunteer their time to the development, maintenance, and promotion of the ISTQB Certified Tester program in the U.S. ASTQB offers electronic ISTQB certification exams worldwide at select exam centers.

About ISTQB Software Tester Certification:
The ISTQB Certified Tester program provides certification for software testers internationally. International working parties develop and maintain uniform curricula and exams. One of the core principles of the program is a strict separation between the administration of exams and the training to those who would like to prepare for the exam in ISTQB compliant courses. Over 135,000 software testers worldwide currently hold ISTQB certifications.