3 Ways Testers and Test Managers Can Prepare Now for the Next Recession

It’s not here yet. But major organizations are already pointing to an economic downturn.

It’s been stated

  • Recession Indicators Flashing Red
  • Risks to Global Growth Tilt to The Downside
  • And Recession Risk Looms.

In articles as of recent.

Why not be prepared?

Past recessions have shown us trends that you can take advantage of:

Trend #1

When the economy goes down, educational enrollment goes up.


What’s the ASTQB Advantage? Well, If you are ahead of the crowd and building your skills, you are making yourself a more valuable part of the team and harder to let go of in the future.

Trend #2

When the recession hits, everyone wanting a job will make it that more difficult in getting an interview.

What should you do now? Start building your resume and contacts immediately!

What’s the ASTQB Advantage? ASTQB is respected and looked at worldwide as a leading provider in software testing certification.

Having multiple certifications from us, will get you noticed. Also, being in contact with other people who are ASTQB certified can help you possibly open some of those doors to get a much needed interview.

Trend #3

The work needed doesn’t disappear as quick as a regular staffed office does.

What’s the ASTQB Advantage? ASTQB can help you as a Manager to build your company’s capacity.

Increase the capacity of your team with advanced certification training.

  • Test Analyst
  • Technical Test Analyst.
  • Test Automation Engineering
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • and Mobile Testing.

As busy as you are, it’s probably difficult to imagine another recession. That’s precisely why now is the best time to prepare.


Let ASTQB build your skills, help build your contacts and build your capacity. Let us help you relax by knowing you’re ready for whatever may come.