If you are located in Ohio, did you know your company may be eligible for up to $2,000/employee in reimbursement for each of ASTQB’s exams and the training needed to prepare for them? It’s part of their new TechCred initiative – you can learn more about TechCred here. You can apply multiple times per year! If you don’t see the ASTQB exam you want, simply enter it in their form along with a URL to this website, and they should approve it. If you would like to speak with them in advance, let us know and we’ll arrange a call with our contact at TechCred.

If you aren’t in Ohio, we recommend that you check with your state’s department of workforce development, as they might have a similar program. If you don’t see ASTQB / ISTQB on your state’s list, it’s usually just a matter of asking. Your state will then check with us and we will provide the required information about ASTQB and ISTQB certification to make it eligible.

If you are a U.S. veteran, the VA has offered benefits for ASTQB exams for years. New exams will be added soon, but here is the current list approved by the VA:
Foundation Level Testing (ISTQB)
Agile Testing (ISTQB)
Mobile Testing (ASTQB)
Security Testing (ISTQB)
Technical Test Analyst (ISTQB)
Test Analyst (ISTQB)
Test Automation Engineering (ISTQB)
Test Manager (ISTQB)

Of course, if you are seeking training for ASTQB / ISTQB certification, we recommend that you review our list of ASTQB Accredited Software Training providers. ASTQB accreditation means the training course is shown to thoroughly cover the content in the syllabus / body of knowledge for a given certification, helping to adequately prepare you for the exam.