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ISTQB Exam Prices

    • $229 USD
      • ISTQB Foundation Level exam
    • $199 USD each
      • ISTQB Agile Testing exam
      • ISTQB Mobile Application Testing exam
      • ASTQB Mobile Testing exam
      • ISTQB Usability Testing exam
      • ISTQB Performance Testing exam
      • ISTQB Automotive Testing exam
      • ISTQB Model-Based Testing exam
      • IQBBA Business Analyst exam
    • $249 USD each
      • ISTQB Test Manager exam
      • ISTQB Test Analyst exam
      • ISTQB Technical Test Analyst exam
      • ISTQB Test Automation Engineer exam
      • ISTQB Security Testing exam
      • ISTQB Agile Technical Testing exam
    • $575 USD each (contact ASTQB for a special price of $295 on the exams below – this is a limited-time offer)
      • ISTQB Test Management – Strategic
      • ISTQB Test Management – Operational
      • ISTQB Test Management – Managing the Test Team

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  • Appear in the AT*Work™ list of testers for hire if you want a software testing job
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