ISTQB exams can be challenging, but with good preparation many people are successful passing ISTQB exams. Below answers the question “Is the ISTQB exam hard?” by level and type of ISTQB exam:

  • The ISTQB Foundation Level exam is not considered to be hard, but it is a good test of your basic knowledge of general software terms and principles. ISTQB Foundation Level is designed to show that you have fundamental software testing knowledge that will help you communicate more effectively with others on your software quality team. When everyone is using the same terminology and principles, there is less confusion and fewer errors. To be ready for this exam, you will need to know the information found in the free ISTQB Foundation syllabus as well as the Foundation-level terms in the ISTQB glossary. See more information about whether the ISTQB Foundation Level exam is easy or hard.
  • The ISTQB Agile and Speciality exams can be more difficult but some are relatively easy because they are more foundational. For example, ISTQB Agile Testing Certification is relatively easy, while ISTQB Agile Technical Tester is a little harder because it covers more advanced material. The speciality foundational exams include ISTQB Performance Testing, ISTQB Usability Testing, ISTQB Acceptance Testing, ISTQB Mobile Application Testing, ISTQB Gambling Industry Testing, ISTQB Automotive Testing, and ISTQB Model-Based Testing. Those that are considered more advanced, and therefore more challenging, include ISTQB Security Testing, and ISTQB Test Automation Engineering. Preparation is the key, and if you are well prepared, you will do well on any of these exams.
  • The ISTQB Advanced Level (“Core Advanced”) exams are also more challenging because of their advanced material. These include ISTQB Test Analyst, ISTQB Technical Test Analyst, and ISTQB Test Manager. However, like the above ISTQB certifications, with good preparation, all of these can certainly be passed.
  • The ISTQB Expert Level exams can be considered hard because of their expert-level material. These include ISTQB Test Management and its three exams. However, with excellent preparation, all of these can be passed.

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Good luck on your ISTQB exam! With proper preparation, you should be able to do well!